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How to Select a Treatment Center for Your Care November 29, 2012

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Sub-specialty programs, such as the Barrow Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH) Center create a union of numerous disciplines, which require complex diagnostic testing, treatment planning and evaluation. The collaboration of these sub-specialty programs provides a sense of encouragement and comfort to those patients seeking a collection of qualified individuals within different specialties in one location. Barrow is one of the few institutions throughout the country that can offer such comprehensive services to the members in its community as well as worldwide. This creates a reputation for Barrow as a “Center of Excellence” for patients suffering from NPH.

Through team review of medical records, radiographic tests as well as other diagnostic exams, a treatment plan will be fashioned to meet the specific needs of each patient based on the expertise and experience of each team member. The plan of care is then outlined and coordinated with the patient and each team member involved in the care of that individual. The role of each specialty is detailed and clearly defined.

Whether you are seeking a second opinion or primary care for your condition make sure you are asking the right questions. Here are suggestions to making your search successful:
• Understanding that patients suffering from NPH can require a variety of specialists to treat them including neurosurgeons, neurologists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, physical/occupational therapists, and research scientists, etc, do you work with a multidisciplinary team on a regular basis with expertise in this area of the brain?
• Why is this surgery necessary?
• Are there alternative procedures and treatments? Are they available here?
• How many surgeries of this nature have you and your team performed?
• Can you show me the condition on the MRI?
• What are the potential complications and risks of my procedure?
• What do you consider a successful outcome?
• How effective do you expect to be at eliminating all of my symptoms?
• Is it possible that I will need additional treatment?
• What is the size and location of the incision?
• Tell me about your team members and their experience with HH patients.
• W ill my Insurance plan cover the cost of the procedure?
• Is your team conducting research projects in this area?

Regards, Maggie Bobrowitz, RN, MBA
Neuroscience Program Coordinator
Barrow Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Center



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