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Finding an Affordable Healthcare Plan August 8, 2013

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The content below, obtained from the Hydrocephalus Association website, provides important details you should know regarding your healthcare coverage going forward. For more information regarding this topic click here:   http://www.hydroassoc.org/ha-updates/you-the-healthcare-wizard-and-finding-the-perfect-plan/#more-12158

“Whether you are transitioning from your parents’ insurance, are in a job that does not offer healthcare benefits, or are simply uninsured, you will now have another option for healthcare coverage. When open enrollment begins on October 1st, you will be able to compare plans and purchase health insurance online through a “marketplace” in your state. The marketplace is a central location where you can shop for plans offered in your area. The cost of these plans will be clear and finding out what you qualify for will be as simple as filling out just one application. Since not having health insurance could cost you money in 2014 through new taxes, it is important that you apply to the marketplace if you cannot get insurance through your employer or enroll in an individual plan.”


Maggie Bobrowitz, RN, MBA
Neuroscience Program Coordinator
Barrow Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus Center



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