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What is NPH? January 23, 2015

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Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, or NPH, is a type of hydrocephalus that affects the elderly population. Since it mimics the symptoms and signs of getting older and/or Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, it is often misdiagnosed. To better understand this condition, watch this video from the Hydrocephalus Association’s Website. Please post all questions on this blog.


Maggie Bobrowitz, RN, MBA
Neuroscience Program Coordinator
Barrow NPH Center



1. myblogmyfeelings - January 30, 2015

My mother who has NPH, just had her shunt readjusted. It’s suppose to be at 1.0, but it was at 2.5 instead. We couldn’t figure out why it changed (causing her to get really sick really quickly), until we realized the recumbent exercise bike that she and Dad bought that week, has a magnet in it. The magnet creates the resistance, and ability to change gears, but it’s also strong enough to interact with Mom’s shunt.

Please tell your patients about this? I don’t want this to happen to anybody else.

2. mvarlan - January 30, 2015

Not all shunt values are affected by magnets. Can you tell me what shunt manufacturer it is and the type of valve. Was her surgery done at Barrow? If so, who was her surgeon? Maggie

3. myblogmyfeelings - January 31, 2015

No her surgery wasn’t done at Barrow. I just wanted you to know that this can be a problem.

I don’t know why manufactured her shunt or what type of valve it is.

I can look that up, if you want me to and it will help somebody else.

For the first 3 months she went to the neurosurgeon every month to get her shunt adjusted. Now it’s every 3 months. But if she has a problem and we think that she needs it adjusted we can phone and then meet one of his residents in the ER for an adjustment. That’s what we did yesterday.

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